Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Judit Maldonado is a Barcelona based creative and illustrator with a minimalistic, handcrafted, detailed and at the same time, expressive style, in love with animals, nature, personal wellbeing and sustainability. Her studies in graphic design at the design school Eina and a master’s degree in branding at Elisava, both universities located in Barcelona, were the basis of the background of her current work.

She works on her personal artwork and also for comissioned projects from selected brands and clients.

Since she was little, she has never stopped doing two things, which define her work and soul: drawing for pleasure and a constant personal search based on her interests, which are the purpose of the things she does and the personal contribution to our environment.

These last two things are reflected in a lifestyle that also guides the focus of her work, which is centered on the concern for the animals and the environment and on personal consciousness. Definetly, balance of life, common sense and being aware of things and our surroundings in order to live better.

Her pieces are a reflection of all the above things, in which this personal searching is translated into a graphic work where everything is balanced: balance between aesthetics and thought, balance between minimalism and expressionism, balance between abstraction and figurativeness…

Judit’s artwork is nourished by mindfulness in the process to reflect it in the result, with the intention of provoking in the spectator a pleasant, conscious and calm visual experience. In the end, happiness is in the little things and the luxury of simplicity, over every detail.


If you are a brand or company that shares these values and you have a creative proposal that you think could work together, do not hesitate to contact.